The US postal service is a Fortune 500 company that boasts a tremendous diversity of jobs. Over half of the postal service employees start their career from a clerical post. The postal office job requires performing a number of tasks such as sorting parcels and letters, filling out money orders, validating and delivering the mails. Applying for one is no easy task.

In this article, we will look at the general requirements and eligibility criteria of USPS clerical position.

Roles and Responsibilities of USPS Clerks

Clerical US postal service positions can entail working indoors or outdoors. The clerical workers may be required to sort mails, weigh parcels, and deliver the mails. The person must be willing to stand for prolonged hours, and lift bundles of letters weighing 70 pounds.  

Outdoor carriers will be required to mail in all types of weather conditions and carry a mail bag that may weigh as much as 350 pounds. They are also required to have a valid driver’s license and maintain a safe driving record. Also, the government MV operator’s ID card may be required for the position.

Eligibility Requirement for Clerical Postal Service Jobs

The good thing about clerical postal positions at USPS is that there is no requirement of a high school diploma or filed work experience. They just have to pass postal exam 473 to become eligible for the post.


The applicant should be an adult (>18 years of age) and must be a US citizen or a green card holder. Basic competency in English is important to pass the postal exam. For positions that require driving, the applicant must have a valid driving license is necessary. The driving license should be of the state in which the driver is assigned for the outdoor work.


All clerical workers are required to have a vision of 20/40 in one eye. Also, they should read without straining the eyes. Glass is permitted for the clerical post.  Apart from good eyesight, the clerical workers should also be able to hear conversations without any problem.

Drug Tests

Applicants whose name have been including in the hired list will have to take a drug test. The result of the drug test will determine whether the individual will be inducted or disqualified from the position. Individuals that fail to clear the drug test are not allowed to apply for US postal service job for three months after the test.

You can apply for the postal office job through the eCareer section of USPS. Every open vacancy is listed on the website. You can apply online for a clerical postal service position. After applying for a post, you need to take the postal service 473 exam. The result of this postal exam will decide your fate, so it’s important that you prepare for the test before giving the test for the postal service job.