Whenever you’re considering any kind of job, the first thing you look at is what the salary is going to be like before you even consider the benefits that come along with that job. The salary you get at a USPS job is pretty good, but that isn’t all that you’re getting. Apart from a good salary, the United States Postal Service offers compensations for Sunday work, night shifts, and overtime. There are also some great benefits that are a part of a postal service job.

All employees of the United States Postal Service can enjoy an extensive range of benefits that all federal employees enjoy. If you’re lucky enough to get a job at the USPS or are considering applying for US postal jobs, here are all the benefits you can enjoy with the job:

1.USPS Dental Benefits and Vision Insurance

The US post office offers optional benefits like the USPS Vision Insurance and USPS Dental Insurance. All employees get to choose whether they want these insurances as part of their group insurance. Employees will pay full price but at affordable rates, since premium contributions aren’t subjected to taxes.

2.Post Office Health Insurance

Employees of the Postal Office also receive USPS health insurance, as the USPS is a member of the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) program. It takes care of 2/3 of health insurance premiums for all retirees and employees.

3.Long-term Care Insurance

This is also an optional post office benefit, and postal employees can sign up for long-term care postal office medical insurance.

4.Social Security, Medicare and USPS Life Insurance

All new postal employees are covered automatically by a basic post office life insurance plan, Medicare, and Social Security. Their families are also covered by basic life insurance and they can get additional life insurance through payroll deductions.

5.USPS Flexible Spending Account

Postal employees who have been with the USPS for over 1 year qualify for the Flexible Spending Account (FSA) program. The USPS will deduct a small amount from the payroll of an employee and put that money in the FSA. That money can be used by the employee to pay for medical expenses. The great thing is that all money in the USPS Flexible Spending Account is tax-free, and you can only transfer $500 of money from the FSA every year.

6.Holidays and Leave

All postal employees get 10 official USPS holidays every year, and apart from that, they can also take 13 days of vacation or sick leave every year in the first 3 years of their employment. Employees will get 20 days per year, after completing 3 years with the USPS< and those who have been a part of the USPS for more than 15 years get 26 days of vacation every year.