To get a US postal job, you need to give the postal exam 473. It involves five main tests that are administrated via pen and paper. Almost 90% of all US postal jobs are filled through the postal exam 473. The exam usually has a lot of competition since limited seats are available. The test is also known to be difficult to pass, especially if you prepare for it in a wrong way.

The postal exam 473 has an 80% failure rate since a lot of people don’t prepare for it properly. There are many challenges that you must overcome in order to score a high grade in the exam. There is a tough memory portion and it has strict time constraints. This is why it is important that applicants going for the US postal job prepare themselves carefully.

Give Yourself Time to Prepare

The postal exam 473 is usually conducted once a year and test centers are all over the United States. Make sure that you have a few weeks before the exam is due before attempting to give it. Note down the test center and due date before beginning your preparation. The test is designed in a way that you need memory skills to pass it, as well as grow used to the format of the paper.

Have the Material Ready

The postal exam 473 is a tough exam that a lot of people don’t pass. It is better to have all the material on the exam so that you can properly prepare for it before the due date. There is online material that you can use to learn the important items for the exam. This can also include practice tests that ensure you have a command over the format. Make sure that you set timers while doing the test so that you acquaint yourself with time management.

Use Memory Tricks

The most difficult section of the postal exam 473 is the memory section. There are some memory tricks that you can use to ensure that you score high on this section.

  • Rule of Three
  • Anagrams
  • Visualization
  • Associations
  • Flash Cards
  • Use treats and rewards
  • Diagrams
  • Ask loved ones to quiz you

You can also find readily available flash cards online that can help you study for the exam. This makes it easier for a lot of people to ace the memory section. Find the memory trick that suits you, and build upon that to get the US postal job.

Establish a Routine

It is also vital that you establish a routine for the test in order to ensure that you prepare for it properly. Taking out the time to study everyday will help you with the memorizing portions especially. This is because repetition is central in such scenarios. To attain the benefits that come with the US postal job, it is important that you take out a couple of hours every day to study and refine your skills.