Securing a United States Postal Service job is a dream for a number of Americans. Each year, thousands of people apply for jobs in the USPS. However, only a few make it to the final round and actually get a job.

Are you also planning on appearing for a postal exam to get a job in the USPS?

If yes, then you must read this article.

In this article, you will learn some amazing tips that can help you get hired in the USPS.

1.Find a Placement Orientation Assistant

If you want an expert by your side while you prepare for the postal exams, then you must find yourself a placement orientation assistant. They are USPS employees that help the candidates who want a job in the United States Postal Service. They will help you prepare well for the exam and will also give you tips on how to score well.

2.Attempt Practice Tests

It is important to attempt as many practice tests as possible before you take the final test. Attempting practice tests will help you understand what kind of questions you should expect. This will prepare you for the final day of the exam, and you will be able to attempt all the questions in the way that you’re required.

Attempting practice tests also saves time on the final test day. You will already know the kind of questions that you will have to solve. You will also know the instructions. All this will save you valuable time and ensure that you attempt every question in the exam.

3.Avoid Guesswork

There are some parts of the postal exam where you can be penalized for wrong answers. This means that there will be negative marking for the answers that you get wrong. It can lower your score, and thus, it is best not to attempt these questions if you are not sure about the answers.

On the other hand, you can rely on guesswork if there is no negative marking. It is important to read the instructions carefully to make sure you know where guesswork is acceptable.

4.Fill Employment Forms Carefully

You must not make any mistake while filling the employment forms. All the information that you put in there must be true. Forms that are not filled correctly will go against you, and you might lose your opportunity to get a job in the USPS.

Thus, double-check your form before you submit it. There must be no errors in it.

5.Build a Positive Reputation

United States Postal Service only hires individuals who have a positive reputation. So while you are preparing for the postal exams, make sure you also don’t do anything that may stain your reputation or character.

Be a law-abiding citizen and be on your best behavior. This will improve your chances of getting hired in the USPS.


These were some simple tips that can help you get a United States Postal Service job. Follow these tips and start preparing for the postal exam. Attempt as many practice tests as you can to ace your exam.