If you want to get a US Postal Service job, you must pass the postal exam 473. These jobs are in high demand because of the impressive salary structures and good growth opportunities. In fact, the US Postal Services employs more than half a million people across the United States in over 300 categories, making it one of country’s largest federal government agencies.

A Stress-Free Approach to Preparing for Postal Exam 473 

Passing Postal Exam 473 is a mandatory requirement for getting various jobs in the agency such as postal carriers, mail handlers, machine operators, and mail processors. And you have to work really hard in order to pass this exam and make it to the other stages of the process. This means it’s going to be a stressful journey. But, there are ways you can make it better and cope up with the stress.
Here’s what we recommend: 

1. Get an Exam Study Guide 

Even though no official guide is provided by the USPS, there are many different organizations and forums that can offer you a comprehensive study guide which can be of tremendous help when preparing for the test. Thus, you should do some research beforehand and get your hands on some of the latest resources before you start your preparation.

2. Attend a Workshop 

You can also find places that host workshops for the local community for information and guidance on how to go about taking the postal exam. You can look for local workshops that will also connect you with study groups so you can further benefit from discussions with other exam takers. These forums make it easy to take help from others, get answers to specific queries, share material and pass on useful tips to all the members. Moreover, when you will be in the company of people who are preparing  for the exam just like yourself, you will find the much-needed support to relieve your stress.

3. Do Practice Tests Online 

Online practice tests are also a great way to prepare better and keep your pre-exam anxiety in check. They come in really handy in testing your preparation so you’re ready to take on the actual exam with a positive mind and attitude.
Another good thing about doing online practice tests is that you also get to see the sample answers which will help you understand what exactly are the examiners looking for. You can easily access these practice tests through online resources and also through your study groups.
You’ve already made a good decision by kick-starting your career in the US Postal Services. Just keep these tips in mind for the next step of the process. We hope these will help you ace your postal exam so you can finally land a job in one of the country’s most prestigious organizations.