One of the most overlooked features in online exam software is white labeling. It’s a feature that you don’t think of until you have to make a test or an exam and you see that the software has its logos, slogans and company name plastered everywhere.
In this case, there’s no other fix than getting different software. While white labeling might not appear to be a very big requirement, it has a lot of benefits behind it too. That’s why we’re going to take a closer look at the white labeling feature in online exam software.

Benefits of White Labeling in Your Online Exam Software

The following are the most notable benefits you can enjoy:

It’s Not Distracting

As mentioned earlier, no white labeling can turn your test into an eyesore with the logos, branding images and more of the software on it. It can also be very distracting for the participants, especially if the logos are made in colors that are hard to ignore.
In a high-pressure timed test, these distracting logos can contribute to lowering the test scores. It might seem like a marginal difference but if you compare the tests given with white labeling and the ones without it, you will notice there is a huge difference. White labeling helps one focus more appropriately on the test.

Ties in With Your Image

Offering corporate courses? Then make the test your own with the help of white labeling. With online exam software, this feature will allow you to truly make the test look like it is a part of your organization. White labeling allows you to add your own logos, brand names and slogans.
This helps to tie it in with your image and make your course look more polished and refined. After all, every little detail makes a difference here. The little details such as adding white labeling options to your exams will make a bigger impression than you might have assumed.

Improves Personalization

With more emphasis being placed on personalization, you need to make sure that you’re able to apply this to exams and tests too. With white labeling, personalization can be added to your online exam with the help of the software.
Personalization can improve engagement and in this case, can make the participants or students attempting the test feel happier and more secure. They’ll also be able to feel more confident about the fact that the company or the educational institutions they are working with is the one making the tests.

There’s no need for them to know that you’re using online exam software that isn’t in-house. With white labeling, you’re able to enjoy all the benefits mentioned above and more. The best part is that when you’re working with good software, you don’t just get the benefits of white labeling.
It also has other features that can add value to the software and increase its usability in a number of different ways. So, if you find software that offers white labeling, you can rest assured that it has other features of value too!