Making a timed test for students or any other purpose can be a bit challenging. The main challenge lies in trying to time it perfectly. You want to make sure that your time has enough leeway where someone can finish it easily.
However, you don’t want it to be too long, otherwise, there’s plenty of time left for them to cheat. It’s all about balancing the test. Good online exam software gives you the ability to time your tests but again, it depends upon how you use them.

Tips on Making Perfect Timed Test Using Online Exam Software

So, if you’re confused about timing your tests, try out the following tips to make the perfect time tests:

Give a Grace Period

Include a grace period of 15 to 20 minutes more to your test, especially if you’ve made the test too short. Time added into the grace period doesn’t always have to be used up. This extra time can be meant for use when the participants are late for the test or are facing some other issues.
In many cases, you might not even have to use the grace period but it is good to have it as a safety net. Your students will appreciate it and you won’t end up having to come up with last-minute solutions. It’s going to help you get the results you want with the test.

Try Out a Mock Test

A mock test is a great way to figure out how lenient or limited your timed test is. This will allow you to understand whether you should add more time or not. Luckily, the best online exam software offers this feature as well so you won’t have to worry about it.
Never approve a test without running a mock test as it can be a recipe for disaster. Mock tests are important, not just for figuring out the time constraints but also for identifying other areas where mistakes are made. It gives you an opportunity to correct any issues that the test might have.

Have Easy Answering Formats

To make your timed test easy, you need to make sure that it has an easy answering format. Again, the type of online exam software you are using will be crucial here. Not all of them offer flexibility in this area. The good ones though accommodate this area so you won’t face any issues related to this.
You want one which lets you pick from formats like MCQs, fill in the blanks, true and false, and more. With an easy answering format like MCQs, you will be able to add more questions. However, what if your test has a memory portion in your test with MCQ answers? This can end up making the test giver use up more time than expected. So, don’t just focus on the answering format but also on the answering technique.


With the help of these tips, you can make the perfect time tests with your online exam software. It does take a bit of planning and testing so remember to be patient. Good luck!