Advantages of Using an Online Testing Software

Online testing is a new-age solution that caters to all the needs of educationists. As opposed to conventional means, it is a hassle-free and secure method of examination.
Did you know that according to a recent research, online testing reduces anxiety in students and enables them to excel in their field of study? It has several other features too which make it worth your money and time.

Let’s have a quick look at them:

Convenient Registration

Online testing software allows new users to sign up in small, convenient systems. This includes creating a profile and verifying the email and other credentials of a new subscriber.

Security Framework

Online testing software has a well established security system which is necessary to prevent unauthorized access to exam papers. This is done with the help of a dedicated server to restrain print-screening on an online page.
The security of the website is further strengthened by verifying new profiles through a phone call or text. The security of a website is so important that most states in the US have strict laws on data breach.

Data Accessibility and Storage

Online testing software allows you to save and organize assessment details, test scores, papers, info-graphics and other important data. It also allows for viewing the details of the papers with relevance to different dates and categories. The software also provides the teachers with information about the latest trends of exams and quizzes.

Analysis of Exam Papers

Online exam software doesn’t let your efforts go to waste. This means that the extensive question bank that you create remains safe in the online system. The software also shows information about the challenge quotient and level of difficulty of the questions. This analysis allows you to establish your database on relevant and concrete terms.

Personalized Certifications

This feature allows the user to create customized certificates in a few simple steps. It is equipped with several tools such as design, fonts, logos and signature that let you provide a visually appealing and presentable look to the document.
There are also pre-designed templates available in online exam software to give you a good idea of what your certificate will look like.

Client Support

No online platform can be absolutely free of glitches, and an exam software is no exception.  But what makes it worthwhile is the prompt and efficient recovery of these errors through easy to access customer support.  An online chat option makes real-time resolution of issues possible.


Online testing software is an ever increasing trend due to its rich features and convenient system. The digital landscape lets an educationist make the whole examination process much more interesting than a conventional method. It is an experience that’s worth a try both for the teachers and the students. If you’re looking for good software Exam Testing is a great option to look into. It offers a 14-day free trial upon registration with the added feature of corporate training.