Why You Should Work For the US Postal Service

The United States postal service is the doorway to a rewarding and lucrative career. This is because the organization is not just one of the largest employers in the nation but they also offer a whole array of career options that are suitable for all types of people. Here, you can find a long term job as per your educational qualifications, your temperament, and your aptitude.
For example, if you want to spend your time outdoors then you will make a great postman and delivery person as you trundle your way through the countryside delivering your parcels and mail. Conversely, if you want a regular ‘9 to 5' hour sedentary job, then the postal service is a great way to jump-start your career thanks to the many office positions available with the organization.

Fulfilling the Core Requirements

However, securing a permanent position in this esteemed service is not very easy because of the large number of eligibility criteria for every position. For example, there is the Postal exam 473 that you will have to pass before you may be considered to be suitable for your desired position. Apart from that, there are also a few core requirements that apply to all the jobs available with the American postal service.
For example, it is not possible to apply for any postal service job if you are underaged. However, there are certain exemptions for all those students who have already cleared their high school diploma (or equivalent) and are currently 16 years old.  Moreover, the prospective applicant must clear a number of drug tests and medical and psychological assessments. Lastly, the shortlisted candidates will also have to undergo rigorous criminal background checks.
As a general rule, the service does not look kindly at people who see a postal service job as a temporary financial fix or ‘stop-gap' measure. Furthermore, it does not allow any racism or other unprofessional behavior. The service takes great pride in its inclusivity and considers its extended employee base to be part of the same American family. Many people who start their jobs at 18 go on to retire with pensions and other benefits after superannuation. 
The service appreciates such people because it is a full-time employer that sees its human resources not just as cogs in a machine, but extremely important members that deserve to be helped in every facet of their lives.


In light of the above, you can easily see that trying out for a career in the postal service is a great decision. However, it is important that you should study the requirements beforehand, in order to sail the exams and other eligibility criteria. It is definitely a worthwhile effort because postal service jobs are not jobs per se, but more of a lifelong career.