How the USPS Is The Perfect Job For Artists

Are you an artist, that is, a person who inclines more to the aesthetic side of things than the sciences or the boring factual things? The USPS might be having a job for you, yes, the postal service. Postal jobs are for everyone, but depending on the section that you decide to work for, some are best suited for people with different kinds of qualities and so on. For example, as an artist, where would you most likely find satisfaction and comfort? That is what we will try and find out here. You might think that a person who suggests postal office employment to you does not appreciate your abilities fully. Contrary to this, postal jobs are perfect for artists, any artist who is a US citizen or one holding a valid green card can easily get one of the postal office jobs, of course after passing the prerequisite exams. In case there are any doubts, here is how being an artist is an advantage at working at the USPS.

It is all about creativity

Before you are granted any post office employment, you ought to pass the postal exam. This is easy, especially if you are an artist. This is because the exam is not based on facts but creativity. Being an artist will be a bonus for you and it will give you a good chance at passing the exam. Most post office jobs involve designing stamps, especially during the festive seasons. This is an advantage to artists as they are able to put to work their skills, to come up with the best designs. This is where your mind will be tested fully and you will love the creativity challenge.

It is more about soft skills than technical skills

Different categories exist in the postal office employment. For instance, there are postal technicians, postal clerks and postal carriers. The major distinction that identifies postal carriers from the other two is that to be a postal carrier, you need not have any technical skills. Postal carriers mostly need people skills because theirs is a people job. As a postal carrier, an artist will be more productive. This kind of USPS job requires one to have the ability to create a rapport, or a connection with a customer. This can be hard when the postal carrier is an individual that has no communication skills. Artists have strong people skills, they love company and connect with others easily. The communication and critical thinking skills are inherent to them because they are artists. It is easier for an artist to deal with an annoying customer, a wild dog, and discouraging weather conditions due to his natural abilities as compared to a non-artist. You can see that there is a fitting job for you with the USPS if you are an artist. However, note that you still have to pass the postal test and you have to be among the top three in your state because only such will be picked. The good thing is; you have creativity on your side. Exploit it!