Post Office exams, or commonly known as postal exam 473, is an entrance exam used by the United States Post Office to determine if an applicant can be able to identify whether two addresses are identical. The postal exam also determines if you can be able to use the appropriate code to assign mail to an address, whether you can memorize assigned codes for address range and whether you can correctly complete post office forms.

eCareer Candidate Profile 

Before registering for the exam, you need to create an eCareer profile account online. Provide your current and correct email address because the Postal Service uses the same to contact you. They will contact you for a postal test.

Apply for the Postal Exam

First, you must fill out the application for a position that fits you and then submit it online. When you have submitted the application for a Postal Service position, they will schedule you to take the Post Office Exam.

How to get scheduled for the exam

USPS Office Jobs announcements are available on various resources, including online on the USPS website. Login and select “Apply”. Fill out the application correctly. Provide your personal contact information and make sure they are correct and current. Be sure to provide the correct email address because that’s what they will use to send you notifications about the Postal Exam. Look for the application package that contains information about the Post Office Exams. You’ll get the information on your email address. Usually, the package contains an Exam Study Guide that will help you when preparing for the test. It also includes the exam dates, time and location. You will get a direction in the email that you are supposed to follow to schedule your Postal Exam 473.

Understand what the Postal Exam 473 Involves

When registering for the postal exam, it is important to understand what it involves. In that way, you will know how to prepare for the test. Knowing what the test involves also helps you to prepare psychologically, which boosts your confidence when taking the actual test.

The USPS test sites give proctored postal exams on a computer and therefore, it is different from the written test that was used before the USPS changed the test procedures and processes.

The Postal Exam 473 is divided into four different parts. The exam covers topics that include speed and accuracy at checking addresses. It also involves forms completion, coding and memory. The last part of the exam covers your past job experience and aims at revealing more about your personality. Each part contains different number of questions that you will be required to answer within specified time limits.