The Postal Exam 473E conducted by the USPS is one of the most notoriously challenging exams around. This electronic test was crafted as a replacement for 5 different traditional tests. Due to this, it is used to fill in at least 90% of the positions available in the USPS.

On the other hand, the Postal Exam 473 E has a passing rate of only 10% to 20%. This means that 90 to 80% of all people giving the test fail it. This high rate of failure is owing to a lot of mistakes that people make. With a time constraint on it, there really isn’t much room for error so if you are sitting in for the Postal Exam 473, you need to avoid these common mistakes.

Battling Nervousness

With its formidable reputation, it is very easy to get a case of nerves when sitting for the Postal Exam 473. Unfortunately, this could mean anything from taking 5 minutes to calm your nerves to having a full blown panic attack. With its strict time constraints, your fear of failure could lead you to failure. To avoid fulfilling your prophesy of doom, try to focus on the fact that you know the answers and it’s just a test. Your life will not end because of it and you can give the test again after 4 months.

Not Using a Study Guide

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is that they do not use a study guide. Even if they do have a study guide, they do not use it. One of the main reasons for failure then is that they haven’t familiarized themselves with the kind of questions they can expect as well as the pressure of the time constraints that they are expected to adhere to while giving the test.

Using an Outdated Study Guide

The Postal Exam 473 E does get updated routinely with the latest one being made in 2009. However, there are still study guides available and in circulation that have not been updated. Using an outdated study guide can greatly hamper your chances of passing since you will have no practice in handling the new format.

Not Having a Study Routine

Once you’ve graduated, it doesn’t seem worthwhile to establish a study routine for most things, including a test that you need for a job. On the other hand, the Postal Exam 473 E is definitely not a test that one can prepare for by studying at least 2 hours before giving it. Create a study routine and stick to it. Start preparing for the test at least two to three weeks before the due date.

Getting Stuck in the Exam

Sometimes, you might get so focused on answering correctly that you might get stuck in a certain portion of the exam. With time constraints on each section, if you run out of time, your test will have to be submitted as is. This could entail you leaving half a section or more unanswered because you were so focused on trying to answer the first few questions correctly and paid no attention to the time constraints.