The USPS is the second largest employer in the USA. Due to several benefits and job security offered by them, thousands of applicants apply for permanent jobs. The test has an 80% failure rate and this mostly because of the memory section of the exam. If you are applying for a job at the USPS, you should read the article to find out how you can ace the exam. The postal exam 473 is taken by people who want to get permanent jobs at the USPS. The test basically consists of four parts that are:

  • Part A- Comparison of the Address
  • Part B- Forms Completion
  • Part C- Number Series
  • Part D- Experience and Personal Characteristics

The temporary and seasonal workers can do the job without giving the exam but if you want to be hired permanently, you will have to give the exam and get a passing score that is at 70.

Part C: Number Series

It is said that Part C is the most difficult part of the exam because it tests the memory of the candidate and is very tricky. The test consists of a number of addresses and the candidate has to find out which address will fit in the sequence. This section is marked for wrong answer, so be careful when you choose from the given options.

Sample Test

There are a number of available sample tests online that you can practice on. The best part is that they are free and will let you know about what you should be expecting. These samples can be obtained at the USPS website or you can get a study guide. In the memory section of the test, you will be given a guide with all the codes and you will refer to that. So, it is a good idea to practice and know what you should be expecting.

Mnemonic Exercises

Mnemonic exercises basically help in enhancing your memory by linking a word to something you want to remember. It is helpful to memorize the series of numbers that will help you with this part. These include:

  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Social Security Number

You need to memorize a letter and associate it with a number so that you can recall it later. One good trick is to use the power of rhyming because it helps in memorizing. 

Nutrition & Exercise

Remember that you won’t be able to do well in the exams if you will not exercise and take proper food. The exercise will transport oxygen to your brain and that will improve your memory and promote a clearer thinking. Make sure that you get a good night’s sleep before taking the exam. Lastly, do not take any stress because that will affect your performance in a negative way.

In conclusion, these are the tips and tricks that will help you in acing the memory part of the exam. Good luck!