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A basic eligibility is expected from all applicants by the United States Postal Service. Please fill the required information truthfully:

Arere you 18 years of age or older?
Yes No
Are you a high school graduate or have you completed a GED equivalent?
Yes No
Are you a citizen of U.S. or a green card holder?
Yes No

BulletAre you aware of:

Entry level salary for Post office jobs is $20 per hour. Unbelievable benefits are provided by USPS jobs which include:

Full Centralized Benefits

Training With Pay

Vacations With Pay

Experience is not mandatory!

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BulletTypes of post offered

Minimum eligibility required to meet the criteria for post office career

BulletShould be minimum 18 years old

BulletOnly a U.S. citizen or a green card holder can apply.

Do you meet the above two criteria? Wow!! You may qualify for the positions with the United States Postal Service. To check complete eligibility, please follow the above steps.

Postal Exam Review