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The services that Postal Exam Review provides are to only be used for their intended purposes. Any use that violates any federal, state, or city laws is strictly prohibited. This may include, but is not limited to, any violation of copyrights, anything threatening or vulgar, or any disallowed use of otherwise protected materials. The user consents that Postal Exam Review will not be held liable for any use of the provided material that results in damage to the user or another party.

Any websites, or links to websites, that promote unlawful activities or may cause damage to the Postal Exam Review servers or any other server are strictly prohibited. These website or links include, but are not limited to, any pirated software, Warez software, or any hacker content.

In the event that illegal activity or content is found within your account. Legal action will be taken by Postal Exam Review.

Internet Relay Chat

Postal Exam Review does not allow Internet Relay Chat (IRC) or IRC bots to be used on our servers.

Abuse of the Server

Postal Exam Review strictly prohibits any attempt to damage our server. All members are to be held responsible for their own accounts.

Service Refusal

Postal Exam Review reserves the right to deny, terminate, or suspend a member’s account at any time at our discretion. All servers, hosting sites, and networks that are utilized by Postal Exam Review must follow the policies that are outlined above.

Liability Limitations

Postal Exam Review is not to be held responsible for any damage, whether incidental or consequential, that occurs due to server error or unavailability. Additionally, Postal Exam Review will not be held liable for damages that result from corruption or deletion of sites from one of our servers. Damages will be limited to immediate cancellation of the service.

Violations of the Terms & Conditions

Any violations of our policies are to be reported directly to Postal Exam Review. Each report will be thoroughly investigated. If a violation of the Terms and Conditions is found, the account will immediately be terminated with no notice.


Postal Exam Review is not to be held responsible for any system unavailability, server crashes, or loss of data. We are not to be held responsible for estimated profits or income that a member may have obtained had the site been properly working. Some services or products that Postal Exam Review provides are resold products, and therefore may not be written or own by Postal Exam Review. We hold no liability in regards to the use of member accounts. Any member failing to comply with these outlined policies will have their accounts immediately terminated with no notice at the sole discretion of Postal Exam Review.

Activation of Member Accounts

By registering for an account with Postal Exam Review, you, the user, agree that you will comply with the outlined Terms and Conditions of Use. You are required to signify that you accept all of these Terms and Conditions and a notice of your acknowledgement will be kept on file with your account information.

Please note that if, during your membership, you neglect to abide by these outlined Terms & Conditions, no refund will be issued in the event of account termination. You will be contacted through e-mail or telephone in an effort to correct the problem.

Guarantee of Server Operation

We currently do not offer a guarantee that our servers will experience no downtime. However, our servers are constantly monitored and have historically been very reliable. Downtown may occur due to scheduled maintenance to the server or upgrades of our software.

Postal Exam Review maintains the right to modify or alter the above Terms and Conditions without warning. Additionally, we reserve the right to alter our pricing or modify membership plans without warning.

PostalExamReview.com may feature sponsored content on the website. For any questions regarding our sponsored content, please contact Postal Exam Review.

Postal Exam Review does allow paid advertisements, sponsorships, and other forms of compensations. This may affect the content of advertisements, posts, or topics that are included within our website. The aforementioned content may not necessarily be acknowledged as paid or sponsored content.

Our Refund Policy

We are proud to offer our customers a sixty day money back guarantee. If at any time within sixty days of your purchase you are unhappy with our products or services, we will be happy to fully refund the purchase price to you. All you must do is physically return all materials and ensure that any digital files (including video, audio, and text files) that were included with your purchase are deleted.

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