The United States Postal Service (USPS) is a great place to be employed today. USPS postal service jobs have a relatively high degree of job security. Salary paid by the federal government postal department is satisfactory as well. Starting salary is about $20 per hour that increases according to the work requirements and responsibilities.  

USPS has hundreds of job positions. One job role that many people tend to overlook is USPS casual worker. In this article, we will describe the job role of a casual worker, and how you can apply for the position.

About USPS Casual Worker Job Role

Initial appointments at USPS are either temporary or permanent. The casual job is a temporary position that is needed by the government authority during peak mail periods. Casual employees are hired for two 89-day terms in a calendar year.   

College students are generally preferred for the casual job. The United States postal service job is offered during the summer months. You can apply for the federal job no later than February for the casual work position.  

Roles and Responsibilities

Casual workers may be assigned any task. The postal service job supplements the permanent workforce when required. The applicants can be hired to perform a single task or a combination of tasks. You can review the jobs mentioned on the USPS website to learn about some of the possible tasks that could be assigned to the casual worker.  

Wages of the casual workers vary depending on the type of work assigned to them. Their salaries also vary depending on the job function and location. These are not career jobs so no additional benefits are provided to the workers other than the salaries. Whenever a US postal office job is posted, details about the casual worker’s wages, location, hours, and job duties will be mentioned.

How to Apply for the Postal Service Job

The easiest way to apply for the postal service job is through the USPS website. You can also find online resources that offer information about how to apply for a US postal office job. Recent changes in the postal office job requirements, procedure, and responsibilities means that you should read the information posted in the online resource sites before applying for a job.  

The USPS posts jobs whenever additional workforce is required. The need for workers may arise at any location for any post. You can apply for a USPS job online. While you can apply for as many jobs as possible, you need to submit a different application for each job post.

The job requirements for casual work post are not that strict. However, for regular USPS job posts, the criteria are a little strict. You need to pass a postal exam test and clear an individual and a group interview.