What Is The 473E USPS Postal Exam All About?

The 473E exam is very popular, or unpopular depending on the way you look at it. You may have come across it when looking for information about USPS exams. This is an exam that you must do if you are looking for a job at the USPS. If you have been wondering what this exam is all about, you are reading the right article.

Constituents of the exam

This exam is not complicated as you may think. It has questions that are easy to comprehend. The exam involves: Parts: This exam has 4 sections that cover different issues. Duration specifications: Each part is allocated a certain amount of time needed for you to have completed filling in the needed information. Number of questions: Each of the section entails a given number of questions you need to answer. Description of parts: The exam has explanations of what you need to do in each section.

Parts of the exam

Part A: Address checking

This part involves 60 questions you are supposed to answer in 11 minutes. This is a segment that requires you to determine the correctness of addresses. You are provided with two lists of addresses and zip codes. One of the lists is usually the guide while other is made up of altered addresses and codes. All you need to do is check the altered list and identify any inconsistencies using the guide. The errors could be in form of numbers and even abbreviations. Remember that any guess work in this part attracts a penalty. So it is better to leave the question blank if you are not sure. People are penalized for wrong answers only, not for blank spaces.

Part B: Form completion

This entails 30 questions that are to be done in 15 minutes. Make sure you answer as much as you can within the stipulated time. This segment is all about completing forms with the correct information. You may be asked questions about positions or where you should fill in the last or first name of a person. However, there no penalty when you guess in this section.

Part C: Coding and memory

This part entails two sections: Coding: this section requires you to answer 36 questions in 6 minutes. It involves you using a guide to assign proper codes to addresses. You have to be careful to ensure you do not confuse the entries. Work at one item at a time. Memory: this section basically tests how much you can remember about the codes. You need to work at memorizing the numbers. You are not allowed to use the guide in this section.

Part D: Inventory of personal characteristics and experience

This section has 236 questions to be done in 90 minutes. The fact that you are filling in personal information means you have to be honest. That is the only way you will be given a job that fits you. However, be careful when filling in information. The personal characteristics section is very sensitive. Ensure you choose the right answer. This fourth part is only for first time applicants. If you are one of them, you need to score a minimum of 70% for you to stand a chance of getting the job.