The United States Postal Service is one of the biggest independent agencies that are under the United States Federal government. In 2014, the postal service delivered awhooping155.4 billion mails and packagesthroughout the country and all over the globe.This number clearly shows that the significance of postal services will be maintained in many coming years and there will always be new openings of postal jobs due to the amount of work that USPShas tocomplete each day.

Mail Carriers

Once mails are sorted according to the cities, towns and villages and according to the business and commercial address then the job of mail carriers start, they deliver all those mails to their given addresses. Mail carriers are categorized by the rural and urban area and the routes that are assigned with. People who are interested in the US postal jobs that are more outgoing then mail carriers can opt to be a mail carrier. The arrival of new technology has also made their job easy because now they don’t have to spend more time to arrange and sort their daily bundle of mails, thanks to automated equipment. Having more time in hand means they have more time in their work hours to deliver the posts on their respective addresses.

In most cases, the Postal Service Provide vehicle to mail carriers so that they can deliver the mails form house-to-house, to office and apartment buildings and to mailboxes that are fitted along the roadsides. In some cases, (usually in rural areas) mail carriers are required to have their own vehicles to deliver the mails and USPS compensates those mail carriers.

Apart from delivering mails to the right destinations, mail carriers can also be assigned to collect postage dues and deliver the parcels that come under the category of COD (cash on delivery). They have tocollect the money for those delivered parcels and to obtain the signed receipt from the person to whom the parcel is delivered.

Postal Service Clerks

They are also known as window clerks, they usually perform a combination of tasks which includes sell stamps, postal stationery, mailing boxes and envelopes. They weigh the postal packages to determine the postage on themand also check the status of packages whether are in suitable physical form for mailing. Window clerks also help customers with their quires and help them to file claim for any damaged mailing package. Due to the nature of this type of postal jobs, postal or window clerks are stationed in post offices throughout the country.

Distribution Clerks or Processing Machine Operators

These postal staff is responsible for mail distribution at mail processing centers and post offices. Loading and unloading postal trucks, handling and moving mail around a processing center with the help of different machinery (small tractors, hand-pushed carts and forklifts), operating mail sorting and processing machinery are the tasks that they are required to perform.