The Eligibility Requirements for The USPS Office Jobs

Every job opportunity has its own prerequisite eligibility factors and so do the USPS postal jobs. Only people with certain characteristics are allowed to apply for the job. Therefore, it is good to know what it takes so that you do not waste time applying for the vacancy yet you do not qualify.

Basic factors

Age bracket: An applicant of the USPS office job must be 18 years old or 16 years old with a high school diploma or G.E.D. If you do not fit in these age specifications, it is good that you refrain from applying for the job. Your application will be rejected. Citizenship: A candidate for the job must be a US citizen or a legal resident of the US. Otherwise, he or she will be turned down. Names of potential employees are screened through a system and if a given name is not found, then the person is not eligible to work for the USPS. Basic skills in both written and spoken English: Language makes communication easy. Without mastering the English language you cannot work for the USPS. This is for the most obvious reason that, English is the official language in the US. If you cannot communicate with customers, how will you run work errands? Males born after December 1959: If you fall in this category, make sure you are registered with the Selective Service System. Just make sure you are not eliminated from the list of potential USPS employees. Drug screen: For you to be recruited by the USPS, you must undergo a drug test. You do not need to ask why. Just make sure you have the screen if you ever want to work for the postal service industry. Driving record: If you are applying for any driving job such as mail delivery, you need to have a driving record. This is the only proof that you can make a good driver.

Other factors

Employment history: this is an important aspect, especially if the applicant of the job has been employed before. The history simply shows the experience you have and the recommendation from previous employers. Criminal record: This is yet another vital factor that the USPS looks at. Your employer needs to know the kind of employees the organization has. Military history: This is only in cases where military experience is applicable. So do not panic if you have never been in the military.

Mental issues

This deals with the mental capability of the applicants. You need to look at: Speed: You should be fast in handling work errands. However, this does not mean you rush into things and end up making uncalled for mistakes. Lazy people are not suitable for any job. Memory: You need to be good at storing and retrieving information. If you tend to be forgetful, work on that because it may cost you your job. Recognition: You should be fast to identify mistakes or inconsistencies. For example, addresses can be confusing at times. Therefore, it is important that you work at picking out differences and similarities.