One of the main parts of the USPS postal exam 473 is the memory section. You have a limited time to code around 36 addresses. The aim of the test is to gauge whether you have the ability to easily remember addresses. This skill is important to properly sort, organize, and deliver the posts.

Here we will share some tips that can help you to easily perform the memory test section of the postal exam.

1. Focus on Street Names

To solve the questions in the memory section, you need to memorize street names. Remember street names by focusing on the abbreviation of the streets. For instance, Chestnut becomes CE, Dale becomes DL, and Point Lookout becomes PL. Also, you should ignore abbreviations included in the address such as blvd., rd., etc. as they are not important.

2. Make Associations

Another important tip to remember the address is through creating an association. Linking allows you to easily remember the street address. Consider linking one direction to another. The more vivid the association, the more easily you will remember the address.

3. Visualize Numbers

Visualizing numbers can help in remembering the street address. You can use the technique to remembering ZIP codes mentioned in the question. This is a particularly good way to remember numbers if you are a visual learner. You will be able to remember numbers by visualizing patterns such as straight or curved lines.

4. Simplify Street Numbers

Simplifying street numbers can also help in solving the memory section part. In this part of the exam, you need to remember a range of numbers and the associated delivery routes. You can easily remember street numbers by simplifying them. For instance, you can simplify the street address by breaking 401-800 & 801-1000 to 4-8 & 8-10. Remembering 4-8 is easier as compared to remembering 401-800. This technique will help you to make the connection between numbers and their respective routes easily.

5. Repeat it in Mind

Repeating the street address in your mind can also help in memorizing the address. In this way, you can easily recall the address and make the right connections. The mental exercise of visualizing and repeating addresses in mind will help you in solving the question.

At the end, you should practice postal exam questions before the actual exam. Consider buying a postal exam guidebook. Good guidebooks contain accurate information about all the sections. Reading the postal exam 473 guidebooks will allow you to practice test questions. This will increase the odds of you scoring well on the postal exam.