If you are among the lucky 10%, then congratulations on passing the postal exam 473! However, once you pass the postal exam, it doesn’t mean that your journey to getting a job in the US post office is over. On the other hand, it has only just begun and you need to focus on a lot more in order to secure the postal job you are looking for.

For this reason, you need to get rid of a lot of misconceptions you might have had. The following are a few things you should expect once you pass the postal exam 473:

You Won’t Get a Job Right Away

Passing the postal exam 473 does not mean that you will get the postal job you are applying for right away. You will also have to make sure that you meet the other eligibility criteria of applying for a postal job, which includes the following requirements:

  • Should be 18 years and older.
  • Must have a valid green card or be a US citizen.
  • Should have a basic competency level in the English language.

The good part is that there is plenty of legroom here for applicants because the following are not needed to qualify for a postal job:

  • No need for a GED or a high school diploma.
  • No prior field experience needed.
  • Any military service is counted as prior employment.

Even if you clear everything, you will largely get entry into the talent pool of eligible people who passed the test. However, you will then be free to apply to a large number of jobs available for you.

You Will Have to Clear a Drug Test

One of the most compulsory requirements of applying for a job after clearing the postal exam 473 is the drug test. To be eligible to qualify for any postal job, you will have to undergo a drug test as needed. In many cases, a positive result on a drug test can end up disqualifying you from the job.

The good news is that you can reapply for the job but only after time period of 3 months have elapsed. It should also be noted that the drug tests are based on the federal drug laws and any drugs highlighted as illegal in these laws. On the other hand, if you clear the drug test without any problems, you can easily be called in for an interview and expect to get hired shortly.

Placement Can be Impacted by the Score You Get

In the postal exam 473 you need to get a score out of 100. The minimum for passing is 70 and you will be contacted for a job based on high your score is. This also means that the better your score is, the more likely you will be considered for a job.

For example: If you scored 75 on the postal exam 473, but others have scores of 85, they will be given preference over you. This doesn’t hinder your chances of finding the right job because the postal exam 473 gives you the possibility to apply for 90% of the postal jobs available.