It’s a well-known fact that difficult financial circumstances beget scams and frauds. So, it is explicable why financial scams are going through the roof at the moment. Among different cunning ways employed by fraudsters to rip off gullible individuals, job scams top the chart. People desperately looking for opportunities of employment become really vulnerable for job scams.

Advertising non-existent federal jobs in general and postal jobs in particular is the common device used by fraudsters to lure impressionable aspirants in their trap. Let’s have a look at the signs indicating that the given ad and opportunity is just a hoax and bait from job scammers.

Claiming an affiliation with the USPS

A print ad or a salesperson claiming an affiliation with the USPS is one of the obvious sign that it’s a scam. United States postal service doesn’t team up with consultancy firms or any other private company. So, if you are offered guarantees to get a position in the USPS, then just report the Ad to the FTC instead of getting played by the scammers.

Bear in mind that any private postal exam preparation portal can only ensure you a good preparation and that’s it. No matter how renowned and influential a postal exam preparation service is, it can’t promise anyone a confirmed postal job.

Offering information about unadvertised federal jobs

Scammers also entice people with hidden and unadvertised federal and postal jobs. They make people believe that there are strong chances to secure the job because it is not advertised to the masses. Many people who are eagerly looking for a secure job give in to the scammers to get the information on unadvertised postal jobs.

Keep in mind that no postal job is ‘unadvertised’. So, anyone promising to put you through some hidden lucrative offers from USPC is unashamedly lying. Every job that opens on USPC can be seen at the agency’s website and respective post offices.

Use of pay-per-call numbers

It is another indication that you might be dealing with scammers. Scammers often set up helpdesks with pay-per-call numbers where they rip off the aspirants by extending the duration of their calls through different tactics. So, before calling any customer service, make sure the number provided is toll-free.

Preventive measures

Preventing postal job scams is not that difficult. Apart from looking for the above-discussed signs, you can also employ these measures to prevent postal job scams.

  • Don’t give your personal information to anyone no matter how authentic they appear to be. Exam preparation services don’t require confidential personal information of the candidates to prepare them for postal exam 473.
  • Register yourself with a reliable postal exam preparation service. Remember that legitimate test preparation platforms don’t charge a dime for the registration.
  • Have a good look at their online presence. Any serious business will maintain a meticulous website. They usually offer a lot of complimentary information to the aspirants in the form of informative blogs and articles as well.