While the world is full of jobs that are highly demanding when it comes to education and qualifications, the postal service jobs have made life easier for those who don’t have a college degree.

There are people who can’t afford to drown in student loan payments for years and/or simply don’t want to get dropped out of the college because it is not for them. However, everyone needs to make a living and that too, through a job which is as decent and well-reputed as possible. The US postal jobs act as a savior for individuals with such needs.

A study by the National Center for Education Statistics reveals that the average college graduation rate in the United States is just 59%. This implies that more than 40% of all students leave college and don’t go to it at all.

The United States Postal Service jobs are amongst the most decent and most rewarding jobs for everyone including those without a college degree. The US postal job you can getsans a college degree is of a mail carrier. Those working as mail carriers spend their days sorting, retrieving, and dropping mails to their destinations including homes and businesses.

Such a job is both physically and mentally stimulating and above all, it is a part of something very big i.e. The USPS which is the second largest employer in the United States.

To inspire you further, let’s not forget that several celebrities and big names worked as the mail carriers for the USPS at one point in time. Some important names include Walt Disney, William Faulkner, and The Office’s Steve Carell.

The Role and Earning of a Mail/Postal Carrier

Those holding a mail carrier job at the USPS majorly take part in collecting mails that are to be delivered, sorting them properly, and delivering them to the recipients. Some employees working as mail carrier may also be found engaged in managing the desks at post offices, selling stamps, services and more.

The median salary of a postal worker, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, was at $56,790 as of May 2016.

The Skill Set

You need a strong attention to detail to get a mail carrier job. As a mail carrier, you will be responsible for accurately delivering the mails to the right destinations every single day. You also need to be a morning person as the day might start as early as 04:00 am for you.

Moreover, to deliver mails relying on vehicles and your own feet, you have to be confident, healthy and a law-abiding driver. If you think you possess the above-given skills, you know you have all that you need to get a US postal job.

How Do You Become a Mail Carrier?

Like every other job, becoming a mail carrier will have its own challenges. However, at the end of the day, you may find these challenges paving the pathway to your success and growth. It is a competitive job so practice hard for the postal exam and interview to get the job.