Fun Facts About United States Postal Service Jobs

Well, we could say a million and one things about the USPS, but we are not sure that you would read all of them. Or would you? Did you know that the United States Postal Service is an independent agency of the United States federal government? Now you do. Did you know that very famous US figures have at one time or another worked for the United States Postal Service? Again, now you know!

In 1774, the British Crown fired Benjamin Franklin from his Postmaster General position. He was to later be reappointed to the same position by the Senate and himself of course, in 1775. Of course, getting a job then with the US mail carrier was not as easy as it is today when you just have to apply online, sit a test and if you score in the top three people in your area, you are called for an interview and you are soon inducted into the service.

The USPS has come a long way. Back in the days of the western frontier when a man would challenge another to a duel for owning money when everyone else in town was broke, you know, the days of the tough as bison hide Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday, mail would be carried in horse drawn carriages. It would be transported via railroad part way and then the horse drivers would pick it up and deliver it to places the railroad didn’t penetrate yet.

The great Abe himself was a postmaster once, before he became the president of the USA. Being a postal worker then was a great deal and a couple of centuries later, it still is. Don’t believe it? You are better. The pay is good, better than most other industries and if you really love serving people, you will have a great satisfaction. The USPS is one of the best employers in the market today.

The National Postal Museum has the history of the US postal service and so many things that you did not know. For example, did you know that the USPS has no motto? Did you also know that they have a mascot? Did you also know that people do consume mail in large numbers, what with the USPS sorting and delivering about 700 million pieces of mail daily? Now, that is a whopping figure, isn’t it? You can thus see why there is an intake for the postal job every year.

Someone with a sense of humor named the post office in Jolliet Illinois Juliet, then renamed it Romeo and then renamed it again to Jolliet. That was a person who must have been struck with love. And then there is that one time when the mail carrier took too long such that news that the state of California had joined the union took six weeks to reach the west, yes, that long!

By and by, there have been many things about the US postal service that do seem a bit funny today. However, the good thing is that the service has become a revamped organization that handles hundreds of millions of mail every day.