With a difficulty level which has made it notorious, the US Postal Exam 473 can definitely make one feel anxious. If you’re doing some research regarding it, you can easily get lost in all the myths which have popped up about it. This can make you hesitant about the postal exam and also raise a lot of doubts about your ability to clear it.

To remove much of the confusion that arises from these myths, we are debunking a few common ones that you might believe in.

1.It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

Many people don’t believe that the postal exam is as difficult as others make it out to be. They often believe that they can clear the paper with minimal preparation. However, the US Postal Exam 473 has a clearance rate of only 10% to 20%. The exam is particularly difficult since it used for the hiring of almost 70% of all jobs in the US Postal Services.

It was also designed by combining different exams together so it goes without saying that it is pretty difficult. Many people fail due to the memory portion and the time restraints which are applied to each section. You need to make sure that you answer the questions correctly within the given time limits.

2.You Can Retake it Anytime

Most people believe that if you don’t pass the US Postal Exam 473, it’s no big deal. You can always retake it when you’re ready. This is true. You can retake it but not at any time you want. After you have given it once, you can retake it after a period of 120 days. Retaking the exam will also be possible only when you are applying for another job which requires it.

Once you get the new score, it will be used for the current and all future jobs. For previously applied jobs, your new score will not be eligible. Additionally, the score from the US Postal Exam 473 will only be valid for around 6 years. You will have to retake the exam after that.

3.Passing It Secures You the Job

Clearing the Postal Exam might make you think that you are going to get the job but that is not always the case. It is not the only requirement you need to secure your job. Since it is such a highly competitive exam, with a large number of applicants, the successful ones are usually ranked by the number of their scores.

For example: If someone scored 80 on the US Postal Exam 473, but another applicant has a score of 89; they will be given more preference for the job position. Clearing the Postal Exam 473 puts you on a waiting list and increases the chances of getting the job you are applying for. You also have to clear the interview and undergo a drug test as well as meet other eligibility criteria for the job.