A large number of the federal jobs with the US Postal Services are filled in with the help of the US Postal Exam 473. For this reason, clearing this test can prove to be very lucrative as you have so many career choices open up with its help.

 However, it is also extremely difficult to clear and around 80% to 90% of the applicants fail the test.

The good news here is that you can always retake the US Postal Exam 473 so scoring low on one doesn’t have to be the end of the world. If you’re planning to retake it, the following are some useful tips which can help you out.

Eligible for it after 120 Days

Once you sit for the US Postal Exam 473, you can only retake it after 120 days or 4 months after the last exam. The extra time is the perfect time to start preparing for the exam again. If you are retaking it, you also have a little more leg room since you already gave it once.

Use a study guide and start practicing what went wrong and how you can correct your mistakes. By using this time wisely, you can strengthen your performance and get a higher score. The higher the score you get, the better your chances are getting a federal job with the US Postal Services.

Restarting the Application Process

Retaking the US Postal Exam 473 can only be done after 120 days and when you are applying for a new job. The application process will allow you to fill in the form and allow you to either keep your current score or sit in for the test. Once you decide to retake it, you will have 7 days to sit for the exam and complete the job application.

Failure to do so within the given time period can disqualify your application and you will have to re-start the whole process. This means that if you didn’t give the exam during this time, you have to wait another 120 days before you can re-apply for it.

The New Score Will Apply

When retaking the US Postal Exam 473, aim to get the highest scores possible. Applicants are given scores out of a 100. While 70 is the passing requirement, 80 and above is a good score to aim for. The higher you score, the better your chances will be to get called in for an interview. Many times, only the top three scorers are called in for the federal jobs they applied to.

A high score makes it more likely for you to hear back from a job. This is a major reason why people will sometime retake the US Postal Exam 473, even if they got a score of 80. Keep in mind that if you score lower that your previous score, your new score will be the one which will be valid.

Valid for Only 6 Years

All scores for the US Postal Exam 473 are valid for a time period of 6 years. After this, you will have to re-take your exam to get a fresh score. Many people don’t retake their exam for years after they give it but it can differ based on your personal goals too.

If you are looking to change jobs, and your score has expired, you will have to retake the Postal Exam 473. Luckily, with the help of study guides and other resources, you will be able to easily retake the exam and get a better score.