Many people assume that US postal jobs might be tedious with little pay but that is not true at all. These jobs not only have competitive pay but employees are also eligible for various benefits including health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance and even life insurance. In 2016, the annual income of a mail carrier – an entry level position - came up to $56,790.

With overtime pay and extra compensation for the holidays, a person can easily earn a good amount each year. When you’re looking to Applying for any US Postal job, it goes without saying that clearing the Postal Exam 473 with a score of 80 or more is a criterion but it isn’t the only one. Take a look at some of the other requirements.


For US postal jobs, you don’t need to have a graduate degree. The minimum requirement for it is a high school diploma. However, for higher ranking jobs, one might need to pursue further studies or have the appropriate work experience to qualify for it.

2.Individual Eligibility Criteria

The best part is that USPS is an equal opportunity employer and does not allow employment discrimination. All individuals can apply to US postal jobs as long as they are 18 years old or older. The person must either be a citizen of the United States or other U.S territories such as American Samoa. If they are not a citizen, they must show proof of permanent residency and a work permit or other relevant details.

3.Drug Test Screening and Background Check

All prospective candidates will have to undergo a drug test screening for the US postal job they have applied for. Similarly, the will also be given a preliminary background check, including their recent employment history and in some cases, a medical checkup. Failing to clear these tests can result in a person being eligible to apply for US postal jobs for an indefinite time period.

4.Requirements for Other Exams

Not all US Postal Jobs require you to pass the Postal Exam 473. There are some which might require you to give a different exam. If you’re a technician, you can give the USPS 955 exam in order to apply as an electronics or area maintenance technician. Similarly, automotive technician and mechanics can apply for a US Postal job by giving the 943 and 944 exams. It’s a good idea to always pay attention to this fact when you are applying.

5.Driving Record

In some cases, you might have to show a safe driving record and a valid driving license, especially if you will be driving USPS vehicles. This is not a requirement for all US postal jobs and is only applicable for certain jobs. However, it is a good idea to make sure that you do have a clean record, just in case.

By focusing on these other requirements, you can improve your chances of getting a US Postal job with ease.