Why Working with the USPS Service Is Your Best Choice

USPS Service does post various postal office jobs on their eCareer site where you can apply for whatever post is vacant. After that, you will be scheduled for the US 473 Postal Exam and if you pass, you will then be called for the interview.

Here is what some popular individuals who have retired from the USPS Service have said:

1. Bowman, a retired postal worker, says that without a second thought, he would choose that career once again if he has to. He tells us how everything has been for the last thirty years at Jamestown Post Office where he started working as a part-time flexible clerk in 1984. He had applied for the post office employment and he waited for more than six month before he was called for the interview. He had been working at Dixie Furniture when an opportunity presented itself – thanks to the worker who transferred to Greensboro – and he received a call to go and fill an opening in Jamestown. The most favorite part, he says, was interacting with different customers, employers and a wide range of daily responsibilities, which made time pass so quickly.

2. Another lovely lady called Christine who sorted mail on a mail train several years ago said that she used to have one wish – that her only daughter could one day become of age and get employment at the Post Office, but unfortunately, she chose another career. She went further and said that it was her time to give way to somebody else to continue delivering great services to the citizens. In her own words, she said, “I am happy I inspired many people during my time at the post office.

3. Dan, (not his real name) who is among the postal technicians who have retired from the Thomasville Post Office is a proud gentleman for having served the people for more than twenty-seven years. He says his mother-in-law, who used to talk passionately about her job, inspired him to apply for a post office job. He admits that his life could have been miserable had he continued to work for private companies as an electronic technician. He says that the most fulfilling part of his job was knowing that people got their mail on time. Knowing that so many people relied on him made him feel important and motivated to wake up in the morning and report to work.

4. Jane, a widow and a mother of 2 teenagers said that she feels fortunate and honored to have worked with fellow postal clerks for over 25 years. She now lives on her retirement benefits and she also owns a restaurant within her neighborhood.

5. Troy is another retired postal worker who maintains that everything he owns, his ambitions and lifestyle are results of the post office employment that he landed 32 years ago after waiting for more than 2 years to be called for an interview.