People applying for US postal jobs need to pass the postal job exam but once they do that they have a lot of perks. These benefits to postal jobs come with great job security and really nice salaries. Employees also enjoy pension packages after retirement, which can secure their future as well.

However, even with all these perks and great job satisfaction, a lot of people don’t opt for the industry. This is because of some common misconceptions that stop people from applying for US postal jobs. It is actually really important to educate oneself on the intricacies of this industry so that a whole new opportunity can open for you.

Post is Dead

This is one of the most absurd myths about the US postal service since the number of letters being delivered has decreased. This stops a lot of people from applying for US postal jobs since they feel as though the industry is dead.

What they fail to realize is that the industry is thriving even more due to technology. Online stores conduct their delivery mainly through the US postal service. Everyone in the country uses major online stores to deliver everything to their home. The postal jobs are now at peak since the postal service is booming.

The Postal Exam is Tough

People also don’t apply for US postal jobs because they feel as though they will not pass in the exam. It is very easy to pass the exam if you have the right materials and planning. There are multiple online practice tests, guidelines, and other material that you can use to excel in the test.

Postal Jobs Don’t Get Paid Well

US postal jobs as a mail carrier aren’t really easy but they do get their fair pay. Since these people have to work really hard and travel for hours to make the deliveries, the US postal service rewards them well.

The average pay rate for a postal clerk is actually $25.41 per hour. US postal jobs also come with life insurance packages and have a lot of health care options. This means that you can get the best treatment without worrying about any costs for medical. They are also entitled to their share of sick and medical leaves in case they fall ill.

Mail Isn’t Reliable

Surveys by IBM actually confirm that the US postal service has high reliability that has broken several records as well. In just 2009, the agency had a 96% delivery rate for overnight deliveries in the US. The Federal Trade Commission also found that identify crimes occur through the mail as little as 2% of the time, while they occur at 5% through your wallet. This means your documents are actually safer through the mail than personal deliveries. 

US postal jobs can be a great opportunity for you to have a well-paid job with great job security. This is why it is important to try out for the postal job so that you can have a more secure future.