Winter is coming! While people are setting up their Christmas trees and drinking eggnog in their homes, the mail carriers are braving the harsh winds to deliver you treats and Christmas presents.

There are a lot of perks of having a United States postal service jobs, but there are also a lot of challenges that postal workers have to face. Whether it is raining or snowing, the mail carriers have to deliver mail on time.

The rain can cause a lot of problems for the mail carriers, as they have to protect the mail from getting wet. Not to mention that the rain and snow can also cause them to get a cold or flu, which will make their job much harder.

Since the ice cold winds are part and parcel in a United States postal service job, here are a few tips that will help mail carriers remain warm and toasty while delivering mail:

1.Warm Clothing Should Be Worn

The first thing that all the mail carriers should do is invest in some warm clothing. One sweater or jacket will not be enough to beat the harsh winter winds. It is essential that you put on more layers to keep you warm. Every service employee working as a mail career should take care of their health so they remain healthy and fit.

2.Overshoes Are Your New Best Friends

If you think that passing the postal exam 473 was the biggest hurdle, think again. Your first winter as a mail carrier will be hard. Mail carriers have to spend a lot of time walking outdoors, and for that reason, their feet have to remain warm. Warm socks and long shoes are a must for every mail carrier.

If there is snow in the area you work at, you should invest in some overshoes. Snow can make the path slippery, and you should always put your safety first. Your toes will not have to worry about frostbite when you have overshoes on.

3.Don’t Forget Your Face and Head

If you want to avoid falling ill, you must cover your face and head properly. It does not matter if you are using your vehicle to deliver mail or just walking around, your head and ears should be kept warm with the help of a warm hat. A scarf around the neck and mouth, and a facemask will give you some extra protection from the cold.