Learning The Lingo For The Postal Service Job

If you are intending to work with the USPS service, there are basic terms you need to familiarize yourself with. Do not wait until you have the job so as to start knowing the terms. Do your research beforehand and that way, nothing is going to catch you by surprise. As you will see in this article, we will give you several terms (lingo) that are used in the postal jobs industry.

Learning The Lingo for Postal Job:

• Front counter clerk

This person deals with people face to face, attending to their needs. They handle the mails, sort them and follow up the delivery.

• Mail processing clerk

This clerk does not have direct contact with people. He or she works on mails that are handled electronically. However, in case of hardcopy mails, he or she still oversees the sorting and delivering process.

• Electronic technician

This is a specialist who deals with any computerized systems. He or she ensures the electronic systems such as printers and scanners are working as expected. In case of any problems, he or she is the person to deal with it. An electronic technician also diagnoses hardware and software problems and ensures preventive measures are taken to curb malfunctions.

• USPS 473E exam

This is a test that is administered by the USPS service to anyone who wants to work any of the postal jobs. Initially, it used to be a physical exam but today, it can be done online, thanks to the internet technology. The exam entails 4 sections: address checking, coding, form completion and inventory of personal characteristic and experience.

• Sales and service

The sales department deals with encouraging people to use the USPS services for their endeavors. This is done in an effort to increase profits for the USPS. The service personnel are in charge of attending to the needs of clients appropriately for instance, in case of any queries about services offered.

• Mail carriers

These are people who collect and deliver mails to the appropriate places or to the right recipient. They are involved in sorting and distributing mails and parcels. They are also called postal carriers. There are 2 types of carriers: city and rural carriers.

• Automotive mechanic

This person ensures vehicles used at the postal office are repaired, maintained and attended to in case they fail. This means that without this technician, delivery of mails could be difficult, especially if the vehicle fails, or is in poor condition.

• Area maintenance technician

This person is responsible for a given area within the stipulated jurisdiction. He or she installs, repairs, maintains and disposes postal equipment. Therefore, the main task here is ensuring the office is in order, with the right equipment and faulty equipment gotten rid of. Postal service is a wide field with lots of terms that anyone interested in it should know. It is not as easy as some people think. This article has discussed some of the basic lingo that exists in the postal service industry.