Every person wants their dream job – one where they get a great pay, a chance to improve their standard of living and a great work environment. If you have cleared your postal exam 473 and got a postal service job, you will get all that and much more. Getting a postal job is just the beginning of good news.  After being appointed, you will get to experience the following things:

1.Benefits and a Good Pay

One of the best parts about postal service jobs is that you get a steady pay, no matter whether you are a postal carrier or a postal clerk. The starting salary for all the positions is $21 per hour, which is pretty great. You will also enjoy benefits like leaves, life insurance, and health benefits.

Working hard means more chances of career advancement and better pay. If you love to interact with people, then you will be a perfect fit for the job as a mail carrier. You will get to spend time outdoors and learn more about the neighborhood.

2.The Time of Your Life

When you finally get the job of your dreams, your focus is less on the money and more on having the time of your life. And postal service jobs will give you an experience of a lifetime. The US postal service workforce includes the most passionate people. These people love their job and do it for the experience that comes with it. Postal service jobs make you realize that money isn’t everything. You need to be passionate about your job and be joyous on being able to help out the customer. At the end of the day, if your customer is happy, you will be happy and satisfied.

3.Improved Skills

If you were a good conversationalist before, you will be an even better one after your first year at the postal service job. As a mail carrier, it is very important that your communication skills improve with every passing day. It will be your job to serve your customers. In order to handle your customers, you will need to be great at communication. But you don’t have to worry about that right now as you will get to learn on the job. Pretty soon you will be the most-loved mail carrier. People and dogs alike will adore you.


No matter how perfect your job is, challenges are just the part of the package. There are a few challenges you will have to face in your postal service job as well. The few hurdles in your way will be unrealistically demanding customers, protecting the mail from the rain, and angry dogs determined to bite your leg off.

But trust us, you will love your job despite all the challenges.