The memory section on the Postal Exam can be challenging, primarily due to time constraints. You’re required to code 36 addresses in just 7 minutes, meaning that for each address, you have a mere 11 to 12 seconds. Sounds tough, doesn’t it? But practice is what makes you perfect. Take as many mock tests as you can and follow the tips that we have presented in this blog.

Start Early

Generally, the memory section is similar to the coding section on the Postal Exam 473. And it is during this section that you should start preparing for coding addresses. Memorize and organize, but ensure that you’re using successful tactics in the coding section as well.


Each addressdoesn’t have equal value; in fact, three of them are repeated. So basically, if you remember the repeated addresses, you increase your points. Always prioritize these addresses that are a repetition between different routes. When done, you can turn your attention towards memorizing single route addresses.

Reduce Address Names

The Postal Examcontains significant information, but not all of it is useful, and it is upto you figure outdata that matters the most. Simplify the addresses as much as you can, reducing them to just a two letter form. So for instance, if Turnbull Rd is along the route, you can just reduce it to TR. Easier to remember, right? You have to memorize simple syllables now for each address. If any address name takes up threeletterers, reduce it down to just one. 

After all, remembering limited information does simplify things, making it easier for you to attempt the memory section on Postal Exam 473.

Simplify Numbers

Great, so the address names should be on your mind now. Let’s get to the numbers now. Many times, you don’t have to memorize all the digits. Just remember enough of them to recognize the route correctly, and also split it up into different routes whenever necessary. Also, it would be easier if you arrange the addresses from the lowest to the highest and then organize the routes accordingly.

Let’s consider an example. Assume the following information is given on the test.

Delivery Route

Address Range


775 - 2000 Turnbull Rd.

4050 - 7050 Elmer Pkwy.


21513 - 29524 Allan St.

1000 - 7049 Elmer Pkwy.

9500 - 15000 Kizzler St.


Lets’ work on Elmer Pkwy, which will beshortened to EL as already explained. How do you remember the numbers now? Forget the 0’s and focus on the other digits.

1000 - 7049 B EL 4050 - 7050 Elmer Pkwy à 1-4 C – EL – 4-7 B

Agreed, this isn’texactly perfect, but then it does help you out on the exam, especially if you remember the number separators. This method simplifies route codes, ensuring you get most of the answers right in a shorteramount of time.

Utilizing these strategies increases your score on the Memory Section by more than 35%. Good luck!