If you were to ask a mail carrier, a postal clerk, or a machine operator what they could tell you about a postal service job, there would probably be a lot. The reason why so many people aspire to become postal officers and get into any part of postal services means this profession is greatly respected. The USPS employed more than 500,000 employees in 2017 alone.

While all federal jobs are a mark of pride and hard work, the United States postal service jobsare incredibly special. Not only do they have amazing employee benefits, but they also look wonderful on your CV. Whether you’re planning for a full-fledged career in postal servicesor simply want to experience the versatile and challenging environment, the employee benefits and financial security of a postal service job is unquestioned.

So, what should you expect once you pass the postal exam 473? The test will naturally follow up with a hiring process comprising a formal invitation, group portions, and then the actual interview. After you’ve responded to the invitation you will be called in for a group interview, whichtypically lasts for four hours.

If you fulfill the USPS requirements, you’ll probably get a call for an individual interview. Knowing what to expect at every stage of the USPS hiring process will equip you with exceptional preparation. If you’ve successfully gone through each and every stage of the hiring process, now it’s time to get to know the inside scoop.

Here are the major benefits of choosing a postal service job for both your personal aspirations and professional experience.

1.Exceptional Study Materials

The best thing about preparing for a postal service job is that you will always have incredible study materials to help you along the way. Not every professional exam has this amenity. Some courses related to psychological practices don’t have specialized and practical study guides.

However, for USPS there are numerous study guides, practice tests, and expert recourses that give you a complete heads up on what the exam will be like. You will have around 95% chances of acing the exam and actually getting the job because the study guides are holistic and dynamic.

2.Social Security and Life Insurance

While most jobs do have these benefits, they’re not instantly available to new employees. The biggest benefit of postal service jobs is that they immediately offer Medicare and Social Security as soon as you’re hired.

You even get a full life insurance plan that covers your family’s needs. In short, you get the best of both worlds. With ample cultural exposure, professional skills, and employee benefits, the United States Postal Service jobs are really your best option.

3.Leave and Holidays

If you thought postal employees work all through the year and don’t get seasonal holidays, then you’re wrong. With a fair amount of sick and casual leaves during the first 3 years of employment, you have ample time to rest and resume your job. If you’ve been working in the military then you’re lucky because that too will count in your postal services.

The postal service examsquickly become easy with the right study materials, and once you get the job, you can enjoy a number of employee benefits. Now, instead of worrying over how to get a post office job, get your hands on high-quality study-materials and ace that test!