If you’ve been planning a career in postal services, you’re probably well-acquainted with the postal exam 473. Scoring well is extremely important as this exam is a written prerequisite for entry-level postal service jobs.

The exam primarily tests your practical knowledge and skill-set for a postal job. People who aspire to take up this profession, as postal carriers, mail processors, mail handlers, and sorter machine operators,have to attempt a number of multiple-choice questions in very little time. The exam evaluates your speed, time-management, accuracy, coding skill, and most importantly, your memory.

Just like any other national test, the idea of sitting for a postal exam can be daunting and stressful. The thought of forgetting postal addresses, navigations, and national facts and figures may bring your confidence down.

Sometimes, simply looking at the demanding course material can push you away from attempting the exam. Even when you’re prepared, the experience can still be nerve-racking because exams naturally induce stress. However, you can be really lucky in this regard.

This may soundclichéd, but the best way to gain confidence for apostal exam is to practice. The more you strengthen your memory, the more confident you will feel when it comes to answering the tricky questions. The professional postman is inherently grounded in strong memory, multi-tasking, and strong navigation skills.

So without further ado, here’s a list of 3 realistically helpful ways to ace that exam!

1.The Best Time to Memorize

According to science, the best time to memorize is actually when you’re sleepy. When you study the most important guides and questions right before you hit the bed, you’ll have a greater chance of retention.

This is because, when the brain falls into the REM sleep cycle, it starts strengthening newly acquired memories. If you learn facts and figures by heart before snoozing off, your brain will sustain that information and make it easier to retrieve it during the exam.

2.Use Study Guides Smartly

The internet is a wonderful place. You can find numerous resources to access postal service study guides, questions, and past papers. Although there aren’t any official guides that the United States Postal Service offers, there are some extremely helpful online guides that can provide you concise course material, practice questions, and updated postal exam information.

And while you’re at it, always remember practice is key. There are many pieces ofscientific evidence that suggestpracticing before an exam or test increases brain productivity and memory retention. So before you sit for the postal exam 473E, keep this tip in mind. 

3.Put Yourself to the Test

Practice tests are a wonderful way to evaluate your learning curve, point out your weaknesses, and then work on them. Online practice quizzes tell you what sections of the postal exam you are weak in. Hence, you can practice accordingly.Most importantly, they can give you a hands-on experience on what the exam will really be like.

If you spot any postal exam workshops in your community, feel free to attend them. As long as you work hard to memorize, set up a schedule, and make the best of postal service study guides, you are definitely going to ace that test.