Postal service jobs are the toughest but often the most rewarding jobs. Even when you have to travel miles just to deliver a letter into a mailbox, knowing that it could be a heartfelt message from a distant friend or family, just makes you love your job. As a mail carrier, you are the middle-man between families and friends that are ripped apart by distance.

As a postal clerk in the office, you could be sticking stamps, readying parcels and letters, and making sure each message reaches its receiver. Postal services could be just like any other job, but it is actually quite special. Postal officers act as messengers between people.

It can also get incredibly technical and challenging when your navigation and memory skills are tested. Making sure all the operations go by smoothly andall the postal cards and stamps are in their places is a lot of hard work.

Here’s to committing each and every single day to your postal service job and making sure all the deliverables reach their recipient. We know how hard you work, and we’ve prepared a fun read for you.Whether you’re applying for a postal service job, are an avid stamp collector, or simply want to get to know your local mail carrier, here are 3 surprising facts you probably didn’t know about USPS.

1.The Post Office is the Reason Why American Newspapers Exist

Ruffling through your daily newspapers as you sip your morning coffee, we can bet, you didn’t know it was the post office that really developed the modern picture of newspapers. It was in 1972 when the Founding Fathers of America demanded that newspapers be launched and sent to the reader through post.

In order to help “educate the citizenry by spreading information”(as was stated in the 1972 Post Office Act) by the early 19th century, more than 80% of American Newspapers were being delivered to locals. They were sold at extremely low rates and were widely read by adults, teenagers, and children. This also led to incredible levels of literacy in many towns of the USA, and we can all give thanks to our postal services for that.

2.The Postmaster General Could Succeed the Presidency

It was President Jackson who decided that the Postmaster General should have a seat in the Cabinet. Therefore, the Postal Office in the early 90s was at the same level as the main state and war department. However, around 1971, the position was removed from the Cabinet, and the Postmaster General had its own independent office.

3.The Hope Diamond Was Delivered Through Mail

You’ve probably heard about the grand 45.52 carat diamond graciously donated by Harry Winston to none other than the Smithsonian. Harry had incredible trust and confidence in the US postal service and decided to donate it through the mail.

Such was the authenticity and integrity of the US postal service back in the 90s. The Hope Diamond, by all measures, reached its recipient safe and sound.

We hope that you treasure your postal service job even more now. Knowing that it is one of the most integral retail networks and service industries of the USA, make sure to share these shocking facts with your friends and family. And, as a service, encourage them to apply for a postal service job!