Here Are Great People You Did Not Know Held A Postal Job

Job satisfaction is something that employers cannot ignore. That is why information about great people who pursued a particular career exists. They foster the satisfaction and pride of being involved in a given career. It is the same case with your postal service job. If you love the postal job, there are many great people in history who were involved in what you are doing currently. However, this article lists some of them.

Great People About Postal Job:

• Abraham Lincoln

This was the16th president of the US. On 7th May, 1883 Lincoln was appointed to serve as a postmaster of New Salem, Illinois. He worked at this station for three years since it was closed on 30th may 1836. Lincoln would also send and receive personal letters and get one newspaper delivered free. If someone did not collect his or her mail, Lincoln was dedicated to his job and he would carry the mail in his hat and deliver it personally. The other US president who worked as a postman was Harry S.Truman. He was based at Grandview in Missouri.

• Charles Bukowski

This is another famous person who worked at the post office. He wrote a novel that was based on his experience as a postman in Los Angeles. This novel was published in 1971. Bukowski became a household name since the novel received positive feedback and reviews from readers.

• Neil Webb

The postal service jobs have been done by all kinds of people you can ever think of. Webb is a former footballer of Manchester United football club and the national team of England. He started working with the postal industry in 2004 in Reading. Neil played 110games for Manchester united. He was a good midfielder. He also played for England in the 1990 world cup final match.

• John Prine

Prine is a Grammy winning singer and songwriter who landed a postal job and worked for 5 years as a postman. During his experience, Prine would occasionally find himself singing in a bar. He then decided to take this hobby seriously and his efforts led to the release of an album called ‘The Singing Mailman Delivers’.

• Declan Sinnoit

Sinnoit is one of the most talented guitarists in Ireland. He does not struggle when it comes to music. It runs in his veins. He is also a great musician and producer. He decided to venture into the postal career jobs sector and worked as a postman in London for a year, from 1973 to 1974. This was a time when he was having inner struggles about his music. Sinnoit used the money from his postal job to buy a guitar and other equipment. Although that was not in the US, well, you can see that postal jobs do attract people from just about every corner of industry. From the excellence that we enjoy from the USPS, you can see that all these people who worked there before you left a great legacy. Will you do a good job to carry on that legacy? Hope so.