Working for postal services is a dream come true for many candidates. Whether it’s a clerk job for handling the parcels and letters, selling stamps, or a postal carrier, the profession is inherently a prestigious one.

Not everyone can pass the Postal Exam 473 because it is clearly laden with multiple challenges. However, those who do end up acing all the recruitment stages enjoy a successful career in the postal industry.

A postal service job requires serious navigation and management skills. However, the one profession that needs postal service skills the most is a mail carrier. From dodging the furry animals and trudging through heavy rain to delivering the letter to its recipient, a postal carrier usually has a lot on their plate.

A mail carrier, quite frankly, requires legs of steel to climb up and down storeys and buildings. They are definitely the real-life messengers in our lives and should be thanked for their exceptional services.

With that, here are some precautions and take-home tips for all those diligent mail carriers that perform their job relentlessly, through rain and storm.

1.Watch Out for Nasty Critters

Almost every postal carrier has been chased by hungry fiend once in their lives. Dogs can be really nasty when it comes to innocent postal carriers. Keep a dog spray or a mild animal repellent to prevent them from approaching you.

Mail carriers may come across hostile dogs when they’re trying to reach into a mailbox. Instead of attacking the pet dog or trying to befriend him, simply avoid eye-contact. Staying motionless or trying another route can also help. In short, avoid routes that are overtaken by dogs, cats, and foxes.

2.Safeguard Yourself from Criminals  

If dogs weren’t enough, you’ll also have to be extremely careful of criminals and thefts. Some letters and parcels are extremely precious, making them an attractive bait for criminals. If you know you’re carrying checks, bank statement or any critical items, then keep those envelopes well-hidden.

This is where your satchel comes in handy. The USPS personally recommends storing critical letters and parcels in the inner-most pockets, so ward off any mail thieves.

3.Cover Up Your Skin

This may sound unconventional, but mail carriers need sun-protection the most. Riding through hills, mountains, high and low streets, they are almost always out in the sun. This can trigger serious skin diseases like Melasma, which normally takes years to fade away.

Yes, the job can’t be compromised, but that doesn’t necessarily mean risking one’s health. Always carry sun protection and apply lots of it before heading out.

4.Carry an Umbrella Even When the Sun’s Out

Always carry a raincoat or an umbrella for overhead protection. It doesn’t matter if the weather is suggesting or not, as a mail carrier, you never know what will unfold before you. It’s better to seek protection. Even if you make a stop during a storm, you’ll have an umbrella to keep you company.

5.Keep Yourself Hydrated

And lastly, your postal service job will definitely require lots of travelling and very less stops. So, keep yourself well-hydrated. This way, you can perform your job with greater efficiency.

A postal service job is incredibly interactive and will give you lots to learn. With these thoughtful tips for postal carriers, climbing and dodging will become effortless tasks.