Most people might assume that clearing the postal exam means you simply get to work as a mail carrier. This is not true, however, and you can actually enjoy a variety of career options. Let’s take a look at what some of these are:

PSE Mail Processing Clerk

These are entry-level positions in the US postal service and make up for a majority of the job postings in the US postal service. It is a stepping stone to building a career in the US postal service. Your duties will mostly be clerical in nature and you’ll be responsible for processing mail either through mail processing equipment or manual methods of distribution and sorting.

In order to be eligible for this post, you must clear postal exam 473.

Data Conversion Operator

A data conversion operator is responsible for the conversion of handwritten or typed addresses into bar codes. This allows the mail to be prepared for automated sorting. The bar codes created are scanned and corresponding packages can get sorted with the help of machines.

Post Office Supervisor

Being a post office supervisor involves a fair bit of responsibility. You’ll be responsible for everything. This includes supervising the sorting of mail, ensuring quality control, and making sure employees show good conduct towards customers. You’ll also be responsible for training new employees and managing post office records. Naturally, you can’t expect to be the supervisor as soon as you clear the entry-level exam, but if you work hard, the post can be yours someday.

City and Rural Carriers

As a mail carrier, you’ll be donning the role of the postman who appears on your doorstep and delivers your mail to you. As the titles might indicate, city carriers operate within urban areas, whereas rural carriers operate within rural areas. As a mail carrier, you need to be aware of the codes and addressesand be updated with laws regarding the postal service. This will come in useful if you get stuck in some crossfire involving an unhappy customer. Besides this, you’ll also need to show proof of your driving skills and have a driver’s license. Being a mail carrier can involve a significant amount of grunt work as mailbags sometimes weigh up to 70 pounds.

You can also fill in as an associate instead of being a full-time mail carrier. Associates fill in for full-time mail carriers when they go on leave or take a vacation. As an associate, you’ll have to deliver mail in your own vehicle. This job is mostly limited to rural carriers since the number of mail carriers in these areas is considerably less when compared to the city.

Electronic Technician

As an electronic technician, you’ll be required to perform a variety of diagnostic and preventive maintenance. You will also be responsible for alignment and calibration and look after both the hardware and software involved in mail processing, customer services, and other areas. Since postal systems are becoming more technologically advanced, the demand for skilled personnel that can align the postal system with technology is growing. It also includes many benefits.

While the electronic technician post requires you to give postal exam 995, all others require you to pass the postal exam 473. If you’re looking to score a job in the US postal service, we suggest you start preparing for this exam.