As a prerequisite to a postal job, interested candidates in the United States have to first pass a written examination that is primarily based on coding, memory testing, completing the postal forms etc. Unfortunately, the postal exam 473 isn’t as easy as one would like to think.

Most test items have to be done within a given time frame. The restricted time limit makes it difficult for candidates to score perfectly, and the only way that can help one pass through the postal exam 473 is the maximum score points. 

This blog post discusses some brilliants guidelines that one can equip themselves with to successfully prepare for the postal exam 473.

1. Begin the Test Preparation in Advance

It is advised to study as hard as one possibly can, given that the postal exam carries a failure rate somewhere from 80% to 90%.

Prepare a study schedule a couple of months in advance and stick to it until the day prior to the exam. Those candidates who have failed the test before should focus on those aspects that gave them the tough time during their last attempt.

2.Follow an Updated Study Guide

In order to pass the postal exam 473 with flying colors, development of necessary test-taking skills and strategies is vital.  

These skills and strategies can further be strengthened by practicing them through exam sample tests which are included in a study guide for the postal exam. Hence, it is important to invest in a reliable USPS guidebook and get acquainted with the format and practice questions of the postal exam.

3.Practice to Distinguish Differences Between Addresses

This is usually asked in part A of the postal exam, where the test taker is ought to determine whether the given addresses bear any similarity or not. One will have to discern if, for example, “675 Myrtle Road, Myrtle Beach, SC, 3455” and “675 Myrtle Road, Myrtle Beach, SC, 3456” are same or not.

To complete “part A” in time, you will be required to answer each question in, more or less, 10 seconds. So, one needs a lot of practice to identify all the similarities and differences in the short amount of time at home.

4.Study Various Forms of the Postal Service

Part B of the exam typically requires the applicant to answer questions regarding USPS forms. Therefore, it is crucial that one gets familiarized with different types of forms used by the U.S postal service in advance. This may include the Domestic Claim form, Registered Mail Inquiry, Advanced Shipping Notice etc.

5.Memorize Delivery Routes

The most challenging part that most candidates find hard to be the toughest is Part C of the exam. Part C entails memorization of the address range along with their delivery routes.

Candidates should focus on memorizing numbers with letters when memorizing delivery routes. In case of the address, try focusing on memorizing numbers and street names together.  

Needless to say, thorough preparation is necessary for getting a postal job. With these tips in mind, applicants can expect to excel at the postal exam 473.