The postal exam 473 is a basic entrance exam that applicants need to pass in order to qualify for the US Postal Service interview, where the final selection is done. However, prior to the postal test, the applicants are required to apply for a specific position at the United States Postal Service.

There are plenty of job options that interested candidates can choose from in order to serve at USPS. Some of these US Postal office jobs are discussed in detail here.

1.City Carrier

The primary job of a city postal carrier is to deliver all the mail to the specific area that the post office serves. Each day, the mail carrier is supposed to collect and arrange all their area’s mail and deliver it to respective addresses. City mail carriers ought to deliver letters and packages by driving a USPS vehicle and following a particular delivery route.

All city carriers wear a special USPS uniform and drive a USPS vehicle that says “US Postal service”.  A city carrier’s post can be filled by either a temporary worker or a permanent one. Generally, temporary workers are hired when permanent mail carriers are ill or on a vacation.  

2.Rural Carrier

A rural carrier is responsible for delivering mail, parcels, and packages to addresses that are located in rural areas. A rural carrier is supposed to deliver mail in a timely manner and at the correct address. Therefore, the applicant applying for a rural carrier job position is tested and interviewed upon their organizational skills, punctuality, and memorization.

The interested candidate should also possess the skill to decipher a written address and the proper route to deliver the mail successfully.

3. Postal Clerk

Every post office offers counter service that requires postal clerks. Similarly, US Postal office jobs also include the position of a postal clerk that can only be filled by someone who has passed both the postal exam and the interview.

Primarily, a postal clerk has to sell USPS supplies including stamps, weigh packages, and deal with customers’ queries. Postal clerks are also responsible for registering, certifying, and insuring mails. Most postal clerks and full-time carriers are paid overtime salary and Sunday premium for working additional hours.

4.Mail Handler

Mail handlers at USPS have to sort different letters and packages manually that machines can’t read. Once the mail is sorted out, handlers help loaded them onto USPS trucks to be delivered to the designated point. Mail handlers must be well-trained to operate heavy machinery such as electric vehicles, hand trucks, and forklifts.

It is quite an achievement to get any of these renowned US Postal office jobs considering the fact that the postal exam and interview can be quite challenging!