When you are applying for any number of United States postal service jobs, it is imperative that you should be well aware of the eligibility criteria for the jobs in question.  Some of the more common FAQs (frequently asked questions) regarding United States postal service jobs,as well as their eligibility, include the following:

  • Is It Mandatory to Create a Specific Candidate Profile in Order to be Able to Search for a Job?

No, there is no specific need to create a particular profile since the online application system allows every candidate to apply, even without the creation of an individual profile

  • Is it Possible to Upload Multiple Candidate Profiles of the Same Individual?

No, every candidate is allowed only one profile based on his specific skillset. However, all the profiles are freely editable so that that they remain fresh and relevant for subsequent job searches.

No, the data overview or the review/release screen simply grabs the information from preceding screens so that it can compile an overall view of your profile or application. In order to update or edit your profile, you have to locate the relevant application screen where the corrections need to be made. For example, you can go to the work experience field and edit or update your experience and make changes accordingly.

  • If I am Trying to Fill in the Relevant Fields in my Application Form and Have to Abort my Application, Would It Be Possible for Me to Continue Working on the Same Application Without Having to Start from Scratch?

All candidate profiles are automatically logged out after half an hour of inactivity. But it is possible to pick up where you left off, provided that you already have a user ID and password. You can easily establish them by creating your own candidate profile and choosing the desired ID and passwordcombination.

  • What Should IDo If the Application Screen Has Frozen and Refuses to Move on to the Next Activity?

This may have happened because a few tabs within the online application system for United States postal service jobs require you to make a specific selection. For example, if you have applied for a particular job but have changed your mind and want to withdraw your application, then the delete tab button will not workuntil you have selected that specific job first.

  • Conclusion

These are a few FAQs that can help you in your search for United States postal service jobs. Always remember to check the status of your application every few days to find out just how far you have made it through the hiring process.