If you’re always stressed out by exams and tests, attempting the postal exam can be a nerve-wracking experience for you. With a 10% clearance rate, high competition, and a hiring process that hinges solely on the points you score, the exam can raise sky high tension and stress. Luckily, you can take some measures to help with exam-related stress.

This can ensure that you’re prepared, ready, and able to control your stress levels to make them more manageable. The following are some of the best ways that you can cope with exam-related stress when you are attempting the postal exam:

1.Take a Mock Test

Attempting an exam can be a daunting task. It can be especially scary when you are taking a particular exam for the first time. The Postal Exam has developed certain myths and so many misconceptions that it can be very easy to believe them. In order to ease your mind, you should try to take a mock test with the help of a good study guide.

A study guide will make it easier for you to learn the format of the paper and will help you familiarize yourself with different areas of the postal exam. The best part is that in this manner, you will be able to tackle the fear associated with the exam as taking a mock test will build up your confidence in your preparation.

2.Revise with Someone

Revise and prepare for the study material with the help of someone. This can work as a morale booster and it also helps you learn better. A research paper published in 2004 highlighted that the peer bond help students learn more.

Additionally, the social support that students get from each other helps them feel more confident in their abilities to perform well in the exam. So holding a group study session can be beneficial to you. Give it a try but just make sure you are really serious about studying!

3.Eat and Sleep Well

Don’t study late into the night and never go to attempt your paper on an empty stomach. Your stress and anxiety are more likely to worsen when you are hungry or sleepy. Sleepiness can also cause loss of focus, crankiness, and make you more likely to experience back pain.

Hunger can also worsen your anxiety, cause headaches and even nausea. So, eat a good breakfast, sleep well and be as fresh as possible to attempt the postal exam. Even if you aren’t feeling hungry, a light breakfast is better than not eating at all.

4.Remember, You Can Retake It

Yes, there might be a lot hinging on the postal exam but remember that it’s not the end of the world. You can always retake the postal exam so there really is no pressure for you to pass. Even people who have successfully cleared the postal exam choose to retake it in order to improve their original score.

So, don’t stress about. While it definitely isn’t a test that you can prepare for in a day or two, if you study hard, eat well, and remain calm, you can ace the postal exam with ease!