Are you planning to work for the USPS? Is the pressure of the test and the interview making you nervous? Well, then you’re in the right place. Here are some fantastic tips to lay off the anxiety of a postal job interview. Use these simple yet helpful tips to make a lasting first impression and ace that interview.

1.Know the Job Description In and Out

Although each postal job is interlinked in some way, it’s important to become acquainted with your own job description. Don’t walk into an interview without knowing what your particular profession entails. A mail carrier, for example, is essentially responsible for delivering mail and packages to recipients.

He/she should know how to navigate through their daily route, deliver the letter promptly, and make sure to tuck them safely in the mailbox. He/she then has to return and report to the ground manager. If you’re looking to become a postal service assistant or work in sales, your forte would be entirely different.

Your postal service job is just a big umbrella under which there are many different professions to pursue. Make sure you know what you’ve signed up for as your employers will test your postal knowledge.

2.Study the USPS Rules and Regulations

Apart from your job description, knowing the rules and regulations of USPS is mandatory. You will have studied these during your postal exam, however, make sure you know everything before showing up for the interview. Things like employees’ insurance, work culture, and policies should be on your fingertips so that you can steer the interview in your favor.

3.Prepare Questions Beforehand

A good way to reduce your anxiety is to prepare a handful of questions beforehand. Have a look at practice questions, study guides, and what the experts have to say so that you know what to expect. Prepare a prudent and smart answer for each question accordingly.

This way, you won’t feel as if the interviewer has caught you off-guard. Preparing beforehand will not only help you relax mentally, but will also help you give proactive responses.

4.Choose an Appropriate Interview Attire

The suit you wear to an interview will make up more than 50% of your “first impression”. Remember, your caliber and skills have already been tested in the postal service exam. Interviews are primarily conducted to test your “soft skills,” which does include your attire.

Make sure you dress in a manner that is professionally appropriate. Strictly avoid wearing casual clothes. If you can’t decide an attire, simply stick to a pair of dress pants with a crisp shirt. Your attire will be the first thing that your employer will notice upon entrance, so make sure it’s worth the pass!  

More than anything, maintain an upright, confident posture. While your attire has a say, how you carry yourself can speak volumes. By upholding the right posture and sporting a confident gait, you can psychologically sway your employers.

So, here’s a complete lowdown of what you can do on your end. Use these tips to create a solid postal job profile and positively influence your employer!