If you’re retaking the postal exam, there might be a lot of confusion in the process. You need to be able to clear your mind, understand the challenges that come and do your best to overcome them. It’s not just about going to the test with a clear mind either.

There are other areas that you need to focus on too. In this case, you will have to do the following things when you are preparing to retake the postal exam:

1.Make the Right Call

If you’re retaking the postal exam to improve your score, you’ll be happy to know that your new score will apply. This means that you’ll be able to boost your score and subsequently, the ranking you have in the USPS hiring pool. However, if you get a low score that is even lower than your current one, this will also apply.

Suppose, you have a score of 85 but you want to hit the 90’s margin so you retake the test. If you get a score of 76 in the retake, this will apply and your older score of 85 will be lost. So, if you’re considering retaking the postal exam to boost your score, you need to be very careful and make the right call.

2.Focus on Correcting Mistakes

Since you already attempted the postal exam once, you know many of the crucial details such as the exam room environment and the exam layout. Now, think back and try to evaluate your performance by trying to answer the following:

  • Which areas did you struggle in the most?
  • Where did you make the most mistakes?
  • Did you manage your time wisely?
  • Are there any questions that you skipped?

Once you answer these questions, you will be able to see which areas you need to work on to improve your performance this time.

3.Improve Your Memory Skills

The memory section of the postal exam is the area where the candidates suffer the most. If you also lost some points to penalties here, you need to make sure that you try out some memory strategies in order to improve your performance here.

Mnemonic memorization tricks are great and if you master this area, you can actually make your own mnemonic codes. Remember that this does take time so you should have plenty of time to work on and master this method on your own.

4.Change Things Up

When you’re getting ready for the postal exam, remember to do things differently than last time. Give yourself plenty of time to study and also to practice the exam. Use a study guide, eat a big breakfast, sleep well, and try some meditation to get rid of the stress.

All these things will make a marked difference in your performance and can help you improve your score. So, if you’re retaking the postal exam, you can easily ace it if you try out some of these strategies.