The United States federal government is the single largest employer in the country (barring the armed forces). Every year there are over 100,000 vacancies in the government’s many different departments and agencies.

Unfortunately, a lot of these vacancies are allowed to lapse because prospective job seekers simply do not know when and where to apply for federal jobs in the US.

You Have to Create A USAJOBS Account

This is an absolutely imperative requirement if you want to apply for a job with the US government. If you don’t already have an account with the portal, you should create one as soon as possible. Here it is pertinent to note that you will only be eligible for such jobs after you have completed your profile by filling all the necessary forms.

Any information you place on the portal has to be factually correct and accurate; otherwise, your application might be rejected.

Some of the main advantages of creating your USAJOBs profile include the following:

  • You can save any job that you are interested in so that you can apply or review it later.
  • You can easily set up and also save all of your automated job searches.
  • It is possible to upload your resume or your CV on the portal.
  • The USAJOBS portal is equipped with a resume builder that helps you to create a resume in case you don’t already have one.
  • You can save and store up to 5 resumes on the portal
  • You can upload, save and retrieve all of your required documents whenever you want.
  • You can easily apply to any job announcements that are posted on the portal.
  • Finally, you can also review and track the status of your job applications.Sign Up for Email Services That Meet Your Desired Criteria

The federal government’s online job portal is capable of sending daily updates regarding the type of job that you desire. You can input data in the relevant fields regarding seniority level, geographical location and any other criteria that you deem relevant.

Always Go Through Your Inbox on a Daily Basis

Many job listings are posted for a few days at most. This is because the hiring authorities want to fill these positions as soon as possible. This is why you should make it a habit of checking your email as many as 4 to 6 times a day so that you do not miss out on any opportunity that comes your way.


Securing a federal job is not very easy since the application is only the very first step. After that, you have to pass certain examinations and fulfill their criteria. But it is well worth the effort since these jobs come with many perks and privileges.