If you have decided to apply for multiple United States postal service jobs simultaneously, it is very important that you should understand the eligibility criteria for these jobs. There are various aspects of the online recruitment portal that you should know before you can sit for a postal exam. 

Creating Your Own Candidate Profile to Search for Your Desired Job

There is no particular need to create an individual profile on the US postal jobs portal, but it is always better to create one. It takes only a few minutes and makes all subsequent job searches and applications much simpler. However, if you do not want to create a profile on the portal, then you can also apply directly for any specific job that you like. 

The Portal Does Not Allow Multiple Profiles of the Same Applicant

An applicant can make only one profile based on his own particular skill set. But every profile can be edited as and when required to reflect the candidate’s most relevant experience and expertise.

Candidate Information Can Only Be Edited in Application Screens

The data overview screen of the United States postal service jobs portal can only be used to oversee the data presented on the screen. In fact, this page only shows all the data culled from the preceding pages in order to compile a snapshot of your whole profile.

If you want to edit the information on your profile, then you will have to update the specific application screen and make the required changes accordingly. For example, if you want to include fresh work experience, then you will have to change the ‘work experience' screen so that it reflects your current level of experience.

Aborting the Application Process Does Not Delete the Data Already Entered on the Portal

If you are creating or updating your job profile and have to cancel the exercise, you will automatically be logged out after half an hour of inactivity. However, it is still possible to continue working on the same profile without restarting from scratch as long as you have the required login ID and password. You can easily acquire your login information by creating your own application profile and adding your login ID and password information.  But for this, it is important that you have already created a candidate profile instead of directly applying for any specific job on the portal.


These are a few tips that can help you if you want to apply for United States postal service jobs. It is important that you keep checking and re-checking the portal for any change in the status of your job application. This should be done at least twice a week.  This way, you will always know how close you are to your dream job.