The United States Postal Service is a great way to launch a highly rewarding and lucrative career. Not only is it one of the largest employers in the country, but they also offer a whole range of career options that you can choose as per your temperament, educational qualifications, and aptitude.

If you are a person who enjoys the great outdoors and can’t stand being cooped up in an office, you will make a great postman.  Conversely, if you prefer a regular ‘9 to 5’ office job then the service also has many back-end positions.

Fulfilling Basic Requirements

While the job is rewarding, the application process is not a walk in the park since there are multiple criteria for every position. For example, you will have to pass the required tests and exams in order to gauge if you are suitable for your desired position. Apart from that, you will also have to fulfill a few basic requirements that are standard to all jobs in the American Postal Service.

For example, you cannot apply if you are below the age of 18 for any US postal jobs. However, there is an exemption for students who have cleared their high school diploma and are currently 16 years of age. Furthermore, the applicant has to clear a string of drug tests as well as medical assessments. They will also be subjected to criminal background checks. The service frowns upon people who see it as a sort of ‘stop-gap' measure. You should remember, that the postal service is a full-time employer and generally considers its employees to be part of the same family. 

This means that once you have passed the rigorous selection criteria and cleared the requisite exams, you will be welcomed on board as a person who will give his one hundred present to the team.  If your prior record is full of 2 week and one-month jobs only, it will reflect negatively on your hiring application. This is because most full-time employees tend to end their service only when they reach the age of superannuation.

Different Criteria for Different Positions

Apart from the above, the criteria for most US postal office-based jobs are slightly different from field jobs. In fact, the management or management training positions require a minimum 4-year degree. However, this does not apply to postal carrier positions. Nonetheless, the postal carrier must have a valid driving license, as well as a good driving record, prior to filing his application.


If you have decided to make a career in the postal service, it is very important that you study beforehand in order to pass the relevant tests and exams. In the long run, it is a worthwhile effort since you will end up with not just a job but a lifelong career.