Do you know that many candidates fail their postal exam just because of some silly mistakes?

These mistakes can be avoided, and you can maximize your chances of scoring well the exam. If you are not aware of what mistakes we are talking about, then read on. Below we have listed some common and silly mistakes that many candidates make in their exam and it costs them a job at the USPS.

Here are the errors and mistakes that you must avoid when taking the postal exam 473.


1.Wrong Name Order

If you are taking the 473 exam for a postal service job, then you must know the importance of putting in the right name order. If you have to fill a form in the exam, then you must put the names in the right order, otherwise, you can fail the exam.


2.Poor Time Management

It is very important to manage your time well when you are taking a postal exam. As a rule of thumb, don’t spend more time on a section than is required. When you attempt practice tests, you must time them and see where you are becoming slow. Work on these parts and you will be able to manage your time well.

Many candidates fail to complete the exam just because of poor time management. They may even know the answers, but they run out of time which leads to low scores. Therefore, manage your time well.


3.Messing Up the Personality Part of the Test

There is a part for personal characteristics and experiences in the 473 exam of USPS. It is very important to be careful when attempting this part as it says a lot about your personality. Many candidates make the mistake of carelessly answering these questions which gives a bad impression of their personality to the USPS.

Therefore, you must be careful when you attempt the personality part of the exam if you wish to score well in the test.



Another common mistake that many candidates make while attempting the 473 exam is relying on guesswork. Remember, there is negative marking for wrong answers in this exam. You cannot just guess answers as you will lose marks.

If you don’t know the answer to any question or are not sure, then just leave the space blank. The form completion part of the exam doesn’t penalize for wrong answers, but the address checking part does. So, make sure you don’t guess answers in the sections where there is negative marking.


5.Not Following Instructions

Accurately following instructions is very important when you are taking the postal exam 473. If you answer right but don’t follow the specific instructions that are mentioned in the question paper, you are going to lose marks.

Therefore, make sure you read and understand the instructions before answering any question.

Avoid these common mistakes to score well in the postal exam.