If you were looking to join the USPS because of its amazing benefits and career opportunities, you must be aware that you have to first go through a very challenging postal exam. As adults, we’ve usually fallen out of the habit of preparing for tests which is why it can be pretty difficult to take this test.

Over the years, the test has also achieved near legendary status for being exceptionally difficult. It has a passing rate of only 10%. This raises the pressure on anyone looking to give the exam.

If you were considering giving the postal exam, you might be facing some apprehensions about the test. A good idea is to try and familiarize yourself with the exam, plus learning more about it. This eases your fears and also helps you prepare for the test.

While getting a study guide is a good idea, the following are also some things that you probably didn’t know about the postal exam:

1.It Is Used for Hiring 90% of the Workforce

You might wonder why the postal exam 473 is so difficult but, did you know that is used to find jobs for almost 90% of the available jobs in the USPS? The postal exam was also created by combining different handwritten tests. As a substitute for those tests, it is a given that this will be difficult.

Additionally, if you don’t have to give the 473, you still might be tasked with having to give some other postal exam. These were developed to help test your skills in other areas of the USPS. So, if you want a viable career in the USPS, you should be prepared to give a test or two.

2.You Can Lose Points

Most people believe that the postal exam doesn’t cause them to lose points but it really does. The memory portions of the exam are where people usually end up making mistakes and get penalized for their wrong answers. If you’re taking the exam, you have to make sure that you’re really prepared for this portion.

A study guide can be the perfect tool that helps you not only familiarize yourself with the test but also learn how to apply different memory strategies. These are necessary as they allow you to get assimilated to the test and be better prepared.

3.You Can Always Retake It

One of the biggest mistakes that you end up making is assuming that if you fail, it’s all over for you. That’s not the case at all. You can retake the postal exam, after a grace period, whenever you need to.

In fact, most people take the postal exam when they want to boost their scores. The higher your score is, the better your placement chances are. However, this can be a bit tricky as your score can also decrease if you didn’t perform too well on the retake.

By paying attention to these things, you can easily reduce the difficulty that you might think is associated with the